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Be sure to catch Dumbo when it arrives in cinemas across the U. Nir Regev is the founder of The Natural Aristocrat. You can directly contact him at nir. Teasel Muir-Harmony told The Natural Aristocrat about why the Apollo 11 moon landing meant so much to so many, the unifying once-in-a-lifetime television broadcast, and the Politics of Space Flight during the era.

Particularly by youth, who she said are captivated by the idea. Teasel Muir-Harmony mentioned once meeting legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong, who asked about her research while she was a bit starstruck… Or you could say, moonstruck! Watch the interview video above or read the full transcript below! Do you think kids today have lost any interest in space compared to the 50s? Teasel Muir-Harmony: Well, I think there is an immense interest for space exploration today! If you look back 50 years, kids were very captivated by the Apollo program.

The sheer numbers alone, the kids in particular seem really captivated by spaceflight.

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I never wanted to be an astronaut. What does it mean to you to be a part of this moment? I feel extraordinarily lucky, I came to this topic at a perfect moment. As well as people who worked on all different dimensions of Project Apollo including Public Diplomacy, which is my particular area of research. There have been some tragedies in the past The Challenger and Columbia. I think if you just walk down the street, you get a sense of how NASA has maintained a lot of enthusiasm among the general public.

You see them everywhere and it always reminds me that there is a lot of public interest in space exploration and what NASA does. What were your studies like back at MIT?

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If you have changed…. Being at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum has given me the opportunity to focus on many other dimensions in the history of space flight and also what resonates with people today. He really made it very clear, that he was motivated by soft power and the potential of space flight to effect National Security interests and National power.

As should the Sputnik in Technological Capability, Managerial Capability. Spaceflight was sort of the measuring stick National power and prestige at that moment in time, and he recognized that. It was an extremely important program when it comes to foreign relations. I think often we forget that today.

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But that is what motivated Kennedy and that was essential to why the nation at one point, invested over four percent of the federal budget in space flight. My final question… Some day, someone will likely walk on Mars. When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, space exploration was still relatively brand new. The first human that was launched into space was in and then he [Neil Armstrong] was taking those first steps in People at that time were just getting television sets in their house on a large scale. By the end of the s there were televisions across America, but the first lunar landing was the first live global television broadcast.

It enabled the whole world to follow something in unison. So I think when humans go to Mars, people are going to be excited for different reasons! Be sure to follow Dr. Teasel Muir-Harmony on Twitter at teaselmuir for her latest updates! The Natural Aristocrat [Nir Regev]: Austin, how does it feel to transverse and do your own crossover? The first semi-villain to come over to Fear the Walking Dead! Gimple over there killing your character off!

This could be the episode where I go! Oh, a little more relaxed now. Are you getting offers to do movies now in-between or after Fear?

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No idea, I just take it day-by-day. This business is pretty unpredictable. I think he took that for good! Legendary voice, Morgan Freeman-like. Colman Domingo: Thank you, thank you! Voiceover is really another way to tell stories, which is great. I think Victor Strand does his best in that way. So the idea of finding Salazar in on the tape is a unique opportunity.

Hopefully, he needs something from Daniel Salazar. A big part of the journey is him going after him to get back but he also knows all the complicated history that lies within them… Like the last time Victor Strand saw Daniel Salazar, he shot him in the face. How was that first crossover episode where Morgan Jones came on? How excited were you about him joining the cast? We always get a great roster of awesome talent!

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Of course I do! I have her over for dinner, we make plans, I join her family.

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Kim and Frank are still some of my dearest friends. We were in Mexico for two seasons and then Austin, you become family. Even the way he spoke, the way he presented himself, the way he moved. I knew I wanted to sort of deconstruct that as an actor. I think he had to find that balance of being tough, using his intelligence but also being kind and compassionate. I think Stand does like it, like even that one episode where he and John Dorie were trapped on that sort of island in a way. How do you survive with that?

Let me try that on for size and see how that fits. I think they helped him survive this long, so I think he trusts them. But with the changing of the world he had to adopt some new skills. I think one of the coolest things about Stand in the early seasons was that he was always ready to pull a fast one.

Even Charlie! Yeah, who knows, he could! Visit Colman Domingo at his official website and follow him on Twitter colmandomingo , Instagram kingofbingo , and Facebook for lively updates! Via Skype no less! However, Jones eventually managed to free his father from Castle Brunwald and escape from Donovan's clutches. After the Joneses and their friends reached the Temple of the Sun in the Republic of Hatay behind Donovan and the Nazis, the industrialist shot the elder Jones to force his son into braving the traps protecting the relic.

Donovan and Schneider followed him to the Holy Grail but found that there was a lethal final test: to recognize the true artifact hidden among the many fakes. Donovan deferred to Schneider's expertise, but she betrayed him with a False Grail that rapidly aged the industrialist to the extent that all that remained of Walter Donovan was his Nazi pin, a symbol of his misplaced loyalties.

By the late s, Donovan had fallen in with the Nazis as part of his plan to achieve the Grail's reputed gift of eternal life to whomever drank from it. On December 9, , Donovan hired Scottish professor and Grail lore scholar Henry Walton Jones, Senior to lead his research team to track down the resting place of the Grail.

When Jones realized that Schneider was affiiated with the Nazis, he was made to conveniently 'disappear', spirited away and imprisoned at Castle Brunwald on the Austro - German border but not before he managed to send his Grail Diary , his lifelong research of the Grail to his archaeologist son Indiana Jones. Donovan used the removal of the professor from his expedition to lure Indiana Jones into helping him piece together vital clues leading to the location of the Grail.

As such, he had Indy brought to a cocktail party that he and his wife were hosting at his New York City apartment. In a private room away from the guests, Donovan spoke with Jones about the tablet, which was one of the markers needed to discover the cup used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper. After learning from Donovan that his father had gone missing, Jones and family friend Marcus Brody journeyed to Italy at Donovan's expense to meet with Schneider in Venice. There, they discovered Sir Richard's tomb and the rest of the inscription of Donovan's tablet written on the knight's shield.

Eventually, thanks to the help of Kazim , leader of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword , a secret society dedicated to protecting the Grail by any means, Indy learned of his father's captivity. Indy and Elsa thus went to rescue the elder Jones from Castle Brunwald. With the two Jones subdued, they were brought to a room where Donovan revealed himself as a Nazi ally. However, during that same rally, the Joneses, having escaped from Brunwald, recovered the diary. With the missing diary pages that supplied a map to the location of the Grail, Donovan and the Nazis headed to Hatay to negotiate permission from the country's Sultan to cross his land and retrieve the relic.

Willing to give up his prized car if that meant finding the Holy Grail, Donovan readily handed the keys to the Sultan who supplied a military escort, including a Mark VII Tank , in exchange. Shortly afterwards, a surprise attack from the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword was launched, and though some of Donovan's men were killed, the Brotherhood was mostly wiped out, including Kazim. A chase followed , through which Indiana Jones sought to save Brody who was being held inside the tank. While Vogel and many of his soldiers stayed behind to deal with the archaeologist, Donovan, with Schneider and some soldiers at his side, went on ahead to the Temple of the Sun.

At the Grail temple, Donovan proceeded to send soldiers into the temple's lethal traps one by one to gain access to the relic but none were able to bypass the first challenge. After the death of another soldier , Donovan urged for more 'volunteers' but with the arrival and capture of Jones and his allies, Donovan directed Indy to go through the challenges and obtain the Grail. Jones initially refused but Donovan shot Henry in retaliation, forcing Jones to rely on the Grail's powers to save his father.

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After Jones neutralized the traps and reached the inner sanctum where the last of the Grail knights kept watch over the sacred chalice—and several more false pretenders—Donovan and Schneider followed in safety. The knight explained to his visitors that only by drinking from the true Holy Grail would grant that person eternal life, while a false one would take it away. Faced with this dilemma, Donovan relied on Schneider choosing for him.

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She gave Donovan a bejeweled, golden chalice that Donovan convinced himself was indeed a cup befitting the King of Kings. Toasting to his own longevity, Donovan drank from the Grail, but he had been betrayed by Schneider. To his horror, Donovan found himself aging rapidly and turned on Schneider, but Indiana Jones pushed what was left of the doomed Donovan away.

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  • With a Nazi pin left lying amongst all that remained of him, Walter Donovan had chosen poorly. Walter Donovan was a ruthless, arrogant and greedy man though he was able to hide it under the mask of a warm, genial and understanding person who was concerned about other people.