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Phillips, ed. Nevertheless, charters issued by such people are rare when compared to the thirteenth century. For increasing charter evidence at a local level, see, for example, A. Riley-Smith, The First Crusade , pp. A comprehensive study of these significant changes in charter diplomatic remains to be written for western Europe as a whole. Useful regional studies include M. Clanchy, From memory to written record: England — 2nd edn. For the abandonment of the witness-list in the early s, which requires further investigation, see M.

For Montfort acts during the crusade, many of which are dated by sieges, see below, nn. MS , fo. Bouchard de Marly sold property to the abbey of Saint-Denis for li. Devic and J. Vaissete, eds. Patrologia Latina , ed. Migne vols. Potthast 2 vols. Troyes, AD Aube, 3 H 9, p. Bourgogne VI, fo. Bernard and A. Bruel, eds. Delaborde et al. Bourrienne 2 vols. Pas-de-Calais, cant. Paris, Bibl. BNF, ms. Robert, bishop of Bayeux, — PVC , e. Nieus, ed. However, A. Riley-Smith, The First Crusaders , pp. Slack and H.

Feiss, ed. For financing of the Albigensian Crusade, see R. Powell, Anatomy of a Crusade , pp. Bull and N. Housley, eds. Hageneder et al. This edition currently runs up to February ; older editions are used here for later acts. See also F. Sommerlechner, ed. The many studies of these changes include: J. See, for instance, his use of a papal letter to narrate the murder of the legate Peter de Castelnau: PVC , i. CCA , i. Ailes and M.

Barber 2 vols. Sweetenham and L. Paterson [Aldershot, ], e. Duparc-Quioc, [2 vols. PVC , ii. Civel, La fleur de France , pp. Peter de Courtenay, count of Auxerre , : e. PVC , i. Peter of Brittany: iii. Robert de Courtenay: PVC , i. Enguerrand de Boves: PVC , ii. Enguerrand de Coucy: PVC , i. Enguerrand, vidame of Picquigny: PVC , ii. Robert, bishop-elect of Laon: PVC , ii. Sibly and Sibly, p. For other Picards, see below, nn.

For Burgundians in known only from charters, see below, nn. Later examples include Robert de Marnay, below, n. Baudiau, Le Morvand [2nd edn.


Guigue [2 vols. Flanders: e. Asaert and C. Vleeschouwers 2 vols. Hainault: below, n.

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Aisne, chef-lieu du cant. Note that most of Flanders lay in the kingdom of France, but eastern Flanders and Hainault were in the Empire. LVII, probably 15 Oct. Touraine VI, no. Clouzot [Poitiers, ], pp. However, Peter could conceivably be the same man as P. Savary, master of the short-lived Order of the Faith of Jesus Christ—formed in —21 to support Amaury de Montfort and to make war on heretics in the ecclesiastical provinces of Narbonne and Auch—who has hitherto defied identification: Honorii III Opera , ed.

Horoy 5 vols. Pressutti [2 vols. Teulet 5 vols. Chalmel, Histoire de Touraine [4 vols. Layettes , ii, nos. Below, nn. Normans whose participation is known only from charters include Richard de la Boissaye? Dubosc et al. Depoin, ed. All of these, except John Picot, came from the Franco—Norman borderlands. CCA , iii. Benoist, Histoire des Albigeois et des Vaudois, ou Barbets 2 vols. Later recruits from Limousin included Raymond de Ligonat, domisellus , who pledged lands for s to go on crusade, either in the Albigeois or elsewhere 11 June : Limoges, AD Haute-Vienne, 6 H Dunstable Annals, in H.

Luard, ed. Delaborde 2 vols. See A. Cartellieri, Philipp II. Durand, eds. Chevalier Vienne, , p. Delaville Le Roulx, ed. Cuiseaux, For Count Thomas, see C. An extensive search through published German and Austrian cartularies and charter collections has so far revealed no acts concerning the Albigensian Crusade. Guichard et al. Goffinet Brussels, , n. Count Louis and the witnesses all hailed from the region of the Ardennes along the modern Franco—Belgian border.

The following, issued on crusade, concern his northern French lands: nos. He had issued a number concerning the Midi prior to his expedition. Cartulaire de Notre-Dame de Prouille , ed. Guiraud 2 vols. Hugh also endowed the Hospitallers of Toulouse in Lauragais: A. Gilbert, ed. Cartulaire de Prouille , ii, nos.

For Enguerrand de Boves, see below, n. Merlet and A. Yvelines, cant. Plaisir , once granted to Cadouin by Evrard de Villepreux. Petit, Histoire de Bourgogne , iii. Delaborde, Jean de Joinville et les seigneurs de Joinville [Paris, ], pp. Other high-status crusaders not mentioned by the narrative accounts of the early campaigns include Hugh, bishop of Coutances below, n. Houth Paris, , no. Le Cartulaire de Valpriez — , ed. Lalanne Paris, , nos. Slack and Feiss, no. Troyes, AD Aube, 3 H 10, p. AN, L , liasse 12, nos. Bourges, AD Cher, 9 H 3, no. Essonne, cant.

Roux and A. Enguerrand de Boves joined the crusade c. Baldwin, i texte Paris, , pp. He had returned home by July Registres de Philippe Auguste , pp. Nogent-le-Roi, cne. Houth, ed. AN, LL , pp. See below, nn. Sometimes the act does not give the reason for absence, e. Corbeil, AD Essonne, G , fo. RHF , xxiii. For Peter at Bolbec Seine-Maritime, ar. Le Havre, chef-lieu du canton , see p.

Delisle Paris, , no. Cartulaire de Notre-Dame de Chartres , ed. Merlet 3 vols. CCIII, at p. Menault, Morigny. The archbishop, Peter, had joined the original expedition in PVC , i. QN , no. July—22 Nov. Matthew was holding Norman property again c. Rouquette and A. Villemagne Montpellier, —14 , ii, nos. Recueil des actes de Philippe Auguste , iii, no. Among other places I would pay a visit to Louisiana; after all it was I who gave it to the Americans.

He was pleased and had hopes of finally being able to leave this miserable island. He was also reading books about America and speculating about visiting his brother's estate at Trenton. Three days later, on March 13th their bubble was burst. Another ship arrived from England, and the Governor sent over some newspapers for the period November- December No change of Government. The French elections were not liberal. This news was a great disappointment to everyone, above all to the Emperor, who has flattered himself on better news. His conversation, a rehash seemingly of old news, was reported to Napoleon He said that the English people had no wish to keep Napoleon at St.

Helena, and they felt that the ignoble way in which the Emperor was being treated was a slur on them. It cannot be long before he will leave here, perhaps in less than three months. Probably Admiral Lambert will accompany him back. It is public opinion that is forcing Lord Holland into the Government, not any political party but unanimous public opinion.

Napoleon was not impressed by this, "it is too late now" he said. It was to be another nine years before the Whigs returned to Government. Napoleon at St Helena. Bertrand p. Bertrand pp The withdrawal of the unpopular bill had of course taken place some two months earlier, and it had in fact helped to dissipate the extra parliamentary opposition. Nobody on St Helena could have known this. Bertrand pp 8. Bertrand pp 9. So the airport will be built. The full story is on Michel's blog. What we can be sure of is that once the airport is built St Helena will never be the same again.

I hope my worst fears are not realised. But as Michel's post makes clear, this is good news for the French properties, which will now be far more accessible to those who wish to visit them. Tuesday, 1 November In the footsteps of Napoleon: Vilnius Cemetery of Antakalnis, Vilnius. Here in were reburied the remains of some soldiers of the Grand Army who died on the ill fated Russian campaign. Roel Vos seems to have traced the footsteps of Napoleon across much of Europe, as well as to St Helena.

His latest trip, covered on his excellent web site, was to Vilnius and Kaunas in Lithuania. The whole operation took about three days. Napoleon had a camp constructed on the hill overlooking the river, from where he surveyed the operation. Arriving in Vilnius on 28th June , Napoleon stayed until 16 July.

He briefly returned on 6th December the same year, after his retreat from Moscow. In that summer of Napoleon made his headquarters in the old episcopal palace, now the official residence of the President of Lithuania. Many thanks to Roel for sharing his experiences and allowing me to reproduce images from his website. Labels: Napoleon. Maldivia 1 st. Tall windows sashed. Front doorcase and verandahs later.

All in extensive garden. Report This beautiful house is situated in what was once Maldivia Gardens, from which it takes its name. Blundens and Villa le Breton also lie within the boundaries of the original gardens. An earlier house stood on this site, originally named Concord, but changed in , presumably when the Maldivians arrived. The present house was built in the early nineteenth century, and during the occupation of Napoleon was the home of Major Hodson , nicknamed "Hercules" by Napoleon, and son in law of Sir William Doveton.

Napoleon himself visited the house in November Major Hodson was present at the funeral and the exhumation of Napoleon. He died in Bath in Lady Ross died at Maldivia in She was widowed in , and sometime thereafter purchased Maldivia House, and used to spend the English winters there until the second world war. She died in and left the house to the Government of St Helena, in whose hands it has remained.

In accordance with her wishes it is now used to house the chief medical officer on the island. My thanks to James Phillips Evans for supplying information about the Bennett connection. In power his biggest break with the Revolution had been the Concordat with the Papacy which restored the Catholic Church to its central place in French life, as well as conveniently neutralising a major source of opposition.

On St Helena where he had almost endless time for speculation about the mysteries of life and the universe, he spoke often about such matters, although he never expressed any deep religious beliefs.

I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors) (From "Moana"/Audio Only)

As Lord Rosebery comments, it is possible to find quotations from him taking all manner of religious positions: materialist, Mohammedan, Christian and even sun worship. In some cases he was simply saying things to provoke a reaction, and without anyone in whom he confided his innermost thoughts, it is impossible to know what he really believed.

A change so sudden, and which, however, occurs in the case of every individual labouring under a serious illness, can only be accounted for by the disorder into which the disease throws the human frame. He told the priest that he was a Catholic " and will fulfill the duties prescribed by the Catholic religion ", and he instructed him to say mass every day, to perform the holy forty hours devotion, and after his death to continue to say mass and perform the customary ceremonies until I am under ground.

I am neither a philosopher nor a physician. I believe in God, and am of the religion of my father. It is not every body who can be an Atheist. Count Montholon said that he would not be surprised if he were to become religious. If you are agreeable Montholon, tomorrow at noon and at six o'clock in the evening, my wife and I and our children will go and pray. He would seem to say that there was no afterwards. A day or two before his death, and knowing that he was dying, he received with great apparent earnestness and devotion, the sacrament of the Lord's supper, as we heard from Madame Bertrand and others of his household.

Lord Rosebery pp 2. Antommarchi his Physician London vol 1 pp 3. On 21st April Antommarchi Vol 2 p. Bertrand p Antommarchi dates the giving of the extreme unction as May 3rd. On March 27th Bertrand had recorded a similar opinion by Napoleon: "I am very glad that I have no religion,.. I find it a great consolation, as I have no imaginary terrors and no fear of the future.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

If my inference is correct then the signature is that of the 4th Earl, Frederick Spencer , the great great grandfather of Diana Princess of Wales. His father to whom the gift was purportedly sent was the 2nd Earl, George John Spencer , brother of Lady Georgiana, famous Duchess of Devonshire and mother of the 6th Duke of Devonshire, whose links with the Bonapartes have been covered elsewhere.

What complicated family ties these Whig families had! The 2nd Earl Spencer was a great collector of books, and accumulated the "greatest private library in the world" according to the Althorp Hall website. Towards the end of the nineteenth century one of his descendants sold this 40, volume library to Mrs Rylands, the creator of the library named after her husband in industrial Manchester, and there it remains.

Apart from the Prince Regent, the other recipient of the biography would have been the 4th Duke of Marlborough, George Spencer My efforts to find out whether copies of the French biography of Marlborough now reside at Blenheim and in the Royal Library, have so far met with no success. Without some corroboration one cannot be certain that the inscription in the Manchester book is accurate. One can see why Napoleon might have sought to cultivate leading Whig families who were out of office and were generally critical of Britain's wars on the continent, not least because they resented being taxed to pay for them.

The same applies to the Prince Regent who was close to the Whigs at this time. It is possible of course that the inscription is simply repeating a family legend which had been embroidered a little in the retelling. It seems probable though that Napoleon, who had great respect for Marlborough, took a close interest in the production of this biography, which was published not long after his coronation as Emperor. In the John Rylands Library there is also a much inferior edition the revolutionary calendar abandoned , now losing its binding and held together with tape.

Inside its front cover is a barely legible handwritten French inscription indicating that the book was printed "by order of Napoleon". The first page of the preface to the biography is in this regard worth consideration: A great man belongs to all peoples and to all centuries; he is, if I dare express myself thus, a masterpiece of human nature, similar to a masterpiece of art, offering a model to imitate in all times and in all places.

His life is a public patrimony, a treasure where each has the right to come and draw light, wisdom, magnanimous sentiments, and the love of everything which can ennoble humanity. It becomes precious for all generations, through memories useful to the instructor who teaches, to the army general who commands, and to the man of affairs who governs.

Is the author talking about Napoleon or Marlborough one wonders? I don't think there is much doubt that this is how Napoleon hoped he too would be remembered. My thanks to the University of Manchester for permission to publish the images taken from the collection in the John Rylands Library. An account of this, and the problems the gift caused have already been covered in my blog on the Fusilier Museum. It is curious that two biographies of Marlborough, both associated with Napoleon, are now to be found in Greater Manchester.

Labels: British Views of Napoleon , Whigs. Saturday, 27 August Napoleon and the British Sailor. With folded arms Napoleon stood, Serene alike in peace and danger -- The poem "Napoleon and the British Sailor" was apparently based on an actual event, or at least a story believed to be true by people on both sides of the English channel. Such anecdotes about Napoleon were not uncommon in Britain throughout the nineteenth cenury. Written by Thomas Campbell, a Scottish Poet , it was included in his The pilgrim of Glencoe: and other poems , which was published in Campbell had Whig political connections.

It is difficult to believe that any Tory would have written thus about the "Corsican Ogre". The full poem follows: I love contemplating, apart From all his homicidal glory, The traits that soften to our heart Napoleon's story! They suffered him— I know not how— Unprisoned on the shore to roam; And aye was bent his longing brow On England's home.

His eye, methinks, pursued the flight Of birds to Britain half-way over With envy, they could reach the white Dear cliffs of Dover. A stormy midnight watch, he thought, Than this sojourn would have been dearer, If but the storm his vessel brought To England nearer. At last, when care had banished sleep. He saw one morning, dreaming, doating, An empty hogshead from the deep Come shoreward floating.

He hid it in a cave, and wrought The livelong day laborious; lurking Until he launch'd a tiny boat By mighty working. Heaven help us! For ploughing in the salt sea-field, It would have made the boldest shudder; Untarred, uncompassed, and unkeeled. Sans doute J. Pour traiter son sujet M.

C'est ainsi que M. Ravez — quousque tandem! Holtzmann avec divers collaborateurs. Martin Lintzel poursuit dans Sachsen u. Anhalt t. Quelques pages traitent de la plus ancienne histoire des Saxons : M. Enfin dans la Capitulatio de parti- bus Saxoniae, M. Lintzel avec beaucoup de finesse montre que les c. Mais nous ne sommes pas convaincu que la Capitulatio date de Les arguments en faveur de Pertz, v.

Voici, dans ses grandes lignes, l'argumentation du savant professeur de Vienne. En , Joh. La solution de Th. Une classe des mss. Il est clair que Neaustria est la forme pleine et ancienne de Neustria. Le sens est : nouvelle Austrasie. Les Wisigothi sont des Visi, ou Vesi, c. Bartz donne au t. C'est ainsi qu'au nombre des sources de la chronique monastique, M. Benedicti, VInstitutio canonicorum Aquisgranensis. Lohier, et le R. Pour ce qui est du droit canonique, si M. De Clercq admet la grande influence de la Dionysio-Hadriana de Rome, il n'en fait pas moins observer que celle-ci est en usage en et n'a pas fait l'objet d'une promulgation officielle en Il s'agit du ms.

Baudouin de Gaiffier, S. Notons en passant une note assez longue p. Nous croyons cependant bien faire en signalant en particulier l'article de M. On sait que M. Oppermann tient l'acte pour faux. C'est aux vues de M. Brackmann que M. L'auteur, M. Maurice Coens, S. Le texte se trouve dans le ms. Un autre miracle se produit en Angleterre. XI des Handelingen van de Koninklijke. Kommissie voor Toponymie en Dialectologie Ces passages contiennent tous un ou deux mots, qui paraissent fautifs et semblent appeler une correction. Ce document date de 8 juin Ce testament, avec l'introduction de M.

De Smet. IV, , pp.

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Picard, , pp. Une bonne carte de la diffusion du culte p. Il semble que les usu-. Leidinger et M. Laurent, Les conventions de Saint- Quentin. Laurent et F. Lousse et de son article. Sous leur forme nouvelle elles atteindront un autre public, le charmeront et l'instruiront. On est surpris d'apprendre p. Louis Bertrand. Lettres, Voltaire ; Zeitschrift f. Sprache u. Literatur ; t. LXI, Octave Meyer. Strasbourg, Imprimerie alsacienne. Un vol. Au point de vue judiciaire, elle connaissait non seulement des affaires civiles, mais aussi des affaires criminelles.

Le chevr H.

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Frankreichs vom En tant que directeurs de cet Institut et des Cahiers, MM. La lecture des Cahiers de la Presse rendra aux historiens d'utiles services. Tout compte fait, la critique de restitution, de provenance,. Pendant la guerre de , il fut le chef moral de la Belgique envahie. Dit tijdschrift aan de studie van de koloniale wetenschappen gewijd vult een leemte aan. Inderdaad, in het cultureel omhoog strevende Vlaanderen was een in het Nederlandsch gesteld tijdschrift over Kongo, het land waar tallooze Vlamingen hun arbeidsveld, sinds jaren, gevestigd hebben, onontbeerlijk.

Een hulde dient hier aan wijlen Prof. Dat Prof. Dat hij het zelf leidt en met buitengewoon gevolg, verdient hooge waardeering : het is een daad van durf die voor zijn landen taaigenoten ten volle dient onderstreept te worden. De medewerkers zijn alle ofwel flink onderlegde wetenschaps- menschen ofwel missionarissen die, door hun lang verblijf in onze kolonie, met gezag over de koloniale aangelegenheden getuigen mogen. Vandaar richt het zich niet alleen tot deskundigen.

Burssens moet elk philoloog kennen, ja, door haar levendig interesse verdient zij door eiken geculti- veerden Vlaming gelezen, zooals bv. Een tijdschrift dat regelmatig moet geraadpleegd worden. De bekende leidsche rechtshistoricus, prof. Wolters, Merkwaardig vooral zijn de bladzijden waarin de redenaar doet uitschijnen hoe P. Dit opzet ging uit van A. Terecht worden diens opvattingen uitvoerig besproken. Indien van der Marck geen ster onder de juristen geweest is, toch. Elegante School beoefend werd, nadrukkelijk de waarde van de Rechtsgeschiedenis voor de Rechtspraktijk in het licht gesteld.

Wat C. Weliswaar bleek hij nog te zeer in den gedachtengang van zijn eeuw bevangen om ook de positieve geldigheid van het natuurrecht te ontkennen, doch zijn herhaald wijzen op de noodzakelijke studie van het inheemsche recht voor de rechtspraktijk, plaatst hem onder de voorloopers van de latere rechtshistorische school, evenals P. Daarop mocht wel eens de aandacht worden gevestigd. De feestredenaar deed het op uitstekende wijze. Hij nam bovendien de gelegenheid te baat om het jubileerende genootschap aan te zetten zijne publicaties, die reeds geruim en tijd achterwege zijn gebleven, met hernieuwden ijver onder handen te nemen.

Het verschijnen van het Ie stuk, van deel VIII van de Verhandelingen bewijst dat de stem van den feestredenaar niet een vox clamantis in deserto geweest is. Het boek is gunstig onthaald geweest omdat het een goed overzicht geeft van het behandelde vraagstuk waarover zoo bitter weinig is geschreven geweest. Dat de geschiedkundige inleiding onvolledig is lijdt echter geen twijfel : dat is te wij-. Pauwels zelf is zoo gelukkig geweest die leemte gedeeltelijk te kunnen vullen. De oorsprong van de Belgische Polderwetgeving. Antwerpen, De Sikkel, , bl.

De decreten zelf waren gekend en uitgegeven met commentaar door Mr. Schram- me. Daarom zal men den H. Pauwels dankbaar zijn onuitgegeven en tot nog toe onbekende bescheiden te hebben gepubliceerd en gecommenteerd. Het is werkelijk jammer dat de oorkonden niet beter beschreven zijn, dat geen inventaris is gegeven van de niet opgenomen stukken en dat documenten van tamelijk weinig belang niet van kant zijn gelaten.

Akademie van Wetenschappen, Afd. Letterkunde, D. Dans The Journal of Theological Studies, , p. Connolly, Syriacisms in St Luke estime que certains syriacismes donnent lieu de croire que S. Par profession, M. Remercions donc M.

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Boyce et W. Dawson, The University of Prague. Londres, R. Prix : 2 sh. Cette place entretint des relations avec l'Occident et avec le Proche-Orient. Louvain, Vilvorde. Nous avons, p. Kring v. Kortrijk ; d. XV, La mesure entra en vigueur en XIV, Paris, Paul Hartmann, Rien jusqu'ici ne permet de combler. Selon M. Certaines affirmations de M. A ce point de vue, l'ouvrage de M. Delimitazione del territorio archeologico dans Boll.

XXX , p. X , p. Istituto d'Archeologia e Storia deU'Arte, t. V, pp. Luca et la Porta di S. IX : les voies de communication ; ch. Certes, M. Avakian sous le titre Rilievi inediti di monumenti etruschi e romani dans V Ephemeris Dacoromana Rome, Libreria di scienze e lettere, , pp. Dans le tome X des Studi Etruschi Florence, , pp. Bianchi Bandinelli dans les Mon.

Lincei, t. XXX , col. XII , p. Dans Y American Journal of Archaeology, t. XLI , pp. II, p. LI , p. Il donne. Les constructions qu'on y trouve constituent, dit M. Les conclusions de l'auteur me paraissent devoir rencontrer une approbation unanime. Le- gendre et E. Legendre et A. Theutonista, t. XIII, Documenten uitg. Wright, vertaald door Prof.

Van Dam. Deel I Werken uitg. Derde serie, deel La publication de Mlle W. Il est, en effet, de nature. Legrain, Statues de Rois et de particuliers, t. III, Le Caire, , p. IX, , p. Quelques errata ont paru en , ibid. XVI , p. Polet, Petrus Nannius , Louvain, XXVI, , p. Gortsen dans Latomus, t. II , pp. Delaporte et E. Plan 1. Concours annuel de [link] 4. Concours annuel de [link] 5. Section d'histoire.

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Chronique Prix Joseph-Edmond Marchal 1, francs. Doctorat Groupe D. Universiteit te Gent Licentiaat. Licence Groupe A. Doctorat Philologie germanique. N'ou- B. En ce qui concerne la linguistique R. IX