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Remember to turn it back to your S. Are you pointing fingers and placing blame?

18 Communication Tips for Couples |

Relationships are about both people, and each should have an equal say about things. Conversations are like a tennis match; it should flow naturally back and forth to each person. We have always been great at communicating openly and honestly with each other. We had no idea how living together would change the way we had to communicate, but it certainly did. The first three weeks together, we bickered constantly.

We were so upset about the bickering rather than the thing we were actually arguing over , that we ended up bickering about the fact that we were bickering!

Here are 17 Quick Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Have a headache yet? Yep, we had one for about three weeks straight. Because we are so not that couple, we finally sat down and talked it out. We had to learn a completely new way of being with each other since we were now sharing the same space. Ultimately, we learned that none of our bickering was about the actual things we were fighting about, but rather it was about not feeling heard or appreciated.

This allows us to feel heard and respected. Being direct about what you need can alleviate some of the miscommunication or stress in a given situation, too. By letting them know ahead of time, we can maybe prevent those unnecessary disagreements brought on by a miscommunication. Work together with your partner to figure out how you can maintain healthy communication and stay on the same page. Let curiosity lead the way! What do you like to do in your downtime? It increases your face value. And, whatever you do, hands off your smartphone.

Find some things you can relate to from time to time, and inject your own observations and experiences. After adding some brief commentary of your own see step 5 , be sure to ask another question to lead the conversation forward.

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I hiked part of the Pacific Crest Trail last year and it was amazing. I usually stick closer to home, though.

Where do you usually hike? Mark Goulston, author of Just Listen , recommends speaking for no more than twenty seconds at a time.

How to Make Small Talk in Five Easy Steps

Think of conversation as a traffic signal. Need some inspiration for your next small talk social challenge?

Communication Skills - How To Improve Communication Skills - 7 Unique Tips!

The Muse put together forty-eight fun questions to consider asking. Need more small talk examples?

101 Ways to Build Better Relationships with Your Customers

Here are some scripts to help you get a better understanding of the process. Be prepared to add some details from your own life before moving on to your next question to keep the conversation from sounding like an interrogation. Great city! Did you like living there? Introverts tend to do better in conversations that go deeper than talking about the weather.

Ask questions that will challenge the other person to give a thoughtful response. Sometimes conversations take a turn for the awkward.