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Big Picture Big Sound: "This is an outstanding documentary and I suspect that it has an excellent chance of winning the best documentary award at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. It's a must-see. Christian Cinema: "Beautifully shot, wonderfully scored, and innocently portrayed, Summer in the Forest is a powerful film. NY Times: Maineland is "Astute and absorbing Film Journal on Summer in the Forest: "Upbeat and inspiring NY Times Critics Pick Maineland "takes up a large and complicated set of topics and addresses them with understated delicacy.

A must see. Stray Bullet - "a film that should make noise. Jean-Cosme Delaloye knows how to film America- The journalist sometimes trades his pen against a camera. It likely will jolt you, too. NY Times: Kangaroo is "'breathtaking Huffington Post: "Berlinger's stock-in trade: socially conscious approach to advocacy that is also cinematically groundbreaking. On the field and off, we are all so much alike. Grammy Awards: Two Trains A Runnin' promises to provide a meaningful look into a crucial moment in our musical and cultural history.

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Vancouver Observer: 4 Stars- This is a charming and ultimately very emotional film. Film Journal International: It's rare that a documentary can bring new light to familiar subjects, and rarer still to find a greater meaning from them Roger Ebert. The 13th Floor review: Bang! NY Times: A loving narrative of personal relience Trustmovies on Art Bastard "This talented but far-too-unrecognized fellow and his story prove such fun to get to know that the film's 84 minutes simply fly by.

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York Mix: "Films to see in York in July. Telegraph: "Captivating Summer in the Forest could not be more timely. The Fan Carpet: "A remarkable reversal of conventional wisdom, [Summer in the Forest] shows that the answers we crave can be found among some of our most marginalized people. The Spectator: "Summer in the Forest is a powerful new film..

The Upcoming: "Summer in the Forest is thoughtful and refined. Daily Express: "Revolutionary,. Daily Mail: "Summer in the Forest is.. Rosa Monckton: "Summer in the Forest is a film that could, and should, change your life. SideWalk Film Festival announces their lineup: Bang!

ABQ Journal: "This is a photographer who deserves to be a household name.

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Dorkshelf re Becoming Who I Was: " Forbes: "BANG! For a film that beautifully tells the story of a truly incredible emotional and spiritual journey, the jury awards the grand prize for documentary filmmaking to Becoming Who I Was. Variety: A charmingly intimate portrait that ultimately assumes epic-journey proportions Seattle Weekly: "Little Potato is as topical as it is timeless. Jet Space Magazine: Little Potato "one sees a small, vulnerable family trying to escape a cold, bitter nation because their own hearts are curious, formidable and warm.

The Stranger: "Though Little Potato is only 14 minutes long, it packs more life and surprise and beauty and humor and poignancy into those minutes than seems possible. City Arts Online: "Filmmaker Wes Hurley uses animation and archival photos from his childhood in Russia to lend visual oomph to his short autobiographical documentary Little Potato.

It displays unlikely acceptance and a rare glimpse into gay life outside the United States. Movie Bit: 4 stars This movie tells a compelling story abouthow little is actually known about such an iconic animal, and how close they are to becoming extinct. Popgates: Mr. Montages Magazine: Shooting Ourselves " The project links memory and the everyday to a specific built environment, and highlights the importance architecture has in shaping our lives and the experience thereof.

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Green Film Fest: Last of the Longnecks "Exploring the plight and extinction of giraffes and the implications of their demise in our rapidly changing world. SF Gate: Bang! Nonfics: Behind the Music 'Bang! Vineyard Gazette: "One Big Home, spreading the message of restraint to preserve town character. San Francisco Examiner: Bang! Sports Illustrated: Former NBA point guard Kenny Anderson discusses the role basketball played in his life and opens up about his new documentary, "Mr. San Francisco Chronicle: Bang! The Bert Berns Story "his importance extended beyond the charts.

Deadline: Bang! Chibbs "Ten years after retirement from a career as a professional athlete, Kenny Anderson finds that basketball is easy, but life is difficult. Mother Jones: This film [Jackson] about reproductive rights has never been more relevant. Unseen Films: Compulsively watchable and irrepressibly hummable, Bang!

Film Journal: Mr. Chibbs "somber portrait of a man still trying to grow up in the shadow of his own legacy. Shadow and Act: Chasing Trane "The smart, passionate, thought-provoking and uplifting documentary is for anyone who appreciates the power of music to entertain, inspire and transform. The Village Voice: Mr. Chibbs "One of Campbell's strengths is pacing.

She lets Anderson's story unfold along with his memories. Hollywood Soapbox: "Chasing Trane proves to be an intimate portrait of a man and his musical risk-taking as a dominant saxophonist. Jazz Times: "Scheinfeld offers a portrait that takes in the socio-historical and spiritual context in which Coltrane created his masterworks.

It makes us yearn for more. Criterion Cast: "Chasing Trane, director John Scheinfeld introduces us not just to John Coltrane the legendary jazz icon, but also the man behind the myths and the legends. Cinema Scope: "Chasing Trane functions as a solid primer for newcomers, while its stunning performance clips, winsome home movies and teeming cavalcade of interviewees—will keep aficionados perfectly engaged. Cinema Review: Chasing Trane "The music is just incredible. The footage of Coltrane and his band is fascinating.

The use of graphics is innovative. Jazziz: Chasing Trane "an outside-the-box thinker with extraordinary talent whose boundary-shattering music continues to impact and influence people around the world. WNYC: Chasing Trane "the master saxophonist packed his years with enough musical innovation for several lifetimes. Indie Wire: Chasing Trane "legendary musical legend opens in Manhattan and shows unexpected initial strength.

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Chasing Trane: "The terrific documentary, directed by John Scheinfeld, traces the career of the great saxophonist and composer. Vanyaland: "Required viewing Chibbs "perhaps the best prep player in New York history. Chibbs "a man who is on a life mission to change lives by sharing his. Mashable: Mr. Chibbs "In many ways, it's a new twist on the classic trope of the fallen-star. Market Watch: Mr. Chibbs "an intimate look at what his life is like now. One for whom basketball was easy.

The other for whom life is hard. Los Angeles Times: Chasing Trane "communicates something beyond words. This film confirms it. Chasing Trane: The Hollywood Reporter "worshipful account of the life of the music titan. Deadline: Chasing Trane "Scheinfeld lets the soundtrack do the talking. Jackson: TV Weekly Now "an intimate look at the lives of three women caught in the complex issues surrounding access to abortion in the Deep South.

Shingal, Where Are You? Spirituality and Practice "Entertaining documentary about a very talented and unheralded s songwriter. Next Projection 9. NPR: Bang! Chibbs'," by Michael LoRe, April 27, Chibbs'," by Andrew Garda, April 27, Cinema Review: Bang! Variety: BANG! The Bert Berns Story. Film Journal International: "Affectionate but still eye-opening look at songwriter and producer Bert Berns and his impact on s rock music. Moveable Fest: "A fascinating story regarding legacy in modern China.

Screen Anarchy: A fascinating documentary tribute to an unsung hero of s pop music. Chibbs Segment," March 31, The Hollywood Reporter: A cascade of memorable, and surprisingly personal, hit soul records. Salon: SEED follows the unsung heroes protecting our food legacy. Counterpunch: The Bert Berns Story needs to be seen. But also the urge to change something. L'Etage Magazine: What makes a house a home?

Eye For Film UK: "Intelligent and thoughtful throughout, One Big Home starts out with bias and ends up with one of the fairest assessments of a complex cultural issue seen on our screens in recent years. The Advocate: "A film made out of love for this unique woman. Village Voice: "Elegant, unsettling Jackson finds issues of class, race, religion, executive power, and women's rights to be tightly interwoven.

Huffington Post: "A heartbreaking documentary portrayal of what abortion restrictions mean Los Angeles Times: An inspirational story and a cautionary coming-of-age tale about chasing dreams. Los Angeles Times: Engrossing, unexpectedly moving documentary Wolf Entertainment Guide: This is the best art film I have seen. The Hollywood Reporter: "Engaging Zero Italy : We're Still Here is special. Guardian: 4 stars A revealing documentary about former fashion model Mark Reay looks beyond the stereotypes attached to the homeless.

Time Out: 4 stars. A moving, enlightening documentary about a homeless male model living on the streets of New York. Film Kommentaren Denmark : well-made Campos and Donn. Four Three: Kung Fu Elliot is a bizarre and engaging documentary. Kafeteria Poland : The extraordinary story of a homeless photographer. Allas Sweden : An Honest Liar is a unique portrait of the world's most famous magician and escape artist. Blic Serbia : During the day, I posed for "Vogue", and at night slept on the street. Trazim Bosnia : Male model Mark Reay is proof that all our prejudices are wrong.

Dan Tri Vietnam : Here is a true story about an elegant male model in New York, specializes in photography for famous fashion houses and lives homeless by night. Toronto Film Scene: Planetary is quite literally a call to arms for worldwide action to save the Earth. TF1: David McCallum spent 29 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit.

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CNN: Mistrust of U. Radio Times: grips like a thriller The Times of London: 4 stars The Guardian: 4 stars Cinematic Randomness: 5 stars Watch This Space Mag: I can only applaud Johanna Hamilton and what she has achieved with this masterpiece that is Time Out: offers a remarkable insight into people power in action. Way Magazine Thailand : examines how a group of young people took on the US government.

The Mind Reels: Jesus Town USA ends up being a lot of fun, filled with delightful moments, filled with themes of belief, and neighborliness. Good Times: Stage magician vs. Washington Post: 4 stars. Audiences Everywhere: I did not trust this documentary. Denfri Denmark : WEB examines precisely the relationship between new digital technologies such as the Internet, and the culture and the society in which they are expected to change. However, they also find friendship, humility, and heart along the way. Another feel-good family film, My Life as a Zucchini is both incredibly smart and funny, following the story of a group of orphans as they dream of a better life beyond the orphanage with incredible stop-motion animation.

However, much more than just a smart comedy, My Life as a Zucchini is a story of human resilience, making it an inspirational movie for the whole family. This Ron Howard classic is about the Apollo 13 lunar mission. See Black Panther? Wish you could see more of Chad Boseman? The Bad Kids follows four students at Black Rock High School, a school for eleventh and twelfth graders who are at risk of not getting their diploma.

Throughout the documentary, you get to know each of the four students and what has held them back. The filmmakers do an incredible job of not just showing the kids for what others see them as— screwed up, apathetic, and even dangerous— but what lies underneath. Her mother has lovingly, albeit misguidedly, planned out not only her entire education but her entire life down to the second— literally. If you need to be reminded of the important things in life, watch this. It follows year-old master sushi chef Jiro Ono as he continues to refine his craft, even long after becoming what many consider to be one of the greatest sushi chefs on the planet. Associates Program

Sadhguru How to Control Your Destiny. Robert Downey Jr. Photo Credit: s. It takes a plan and a support system.