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Few other directors combine acuity with entertainment in such neat packages. The Burbs is a case in point. Tom Hanks is among those fearing fishy neighbours in the first Bush years. Jack Black never better stars as a twinkling bachelor mortician courting a demanding, abusive millionaire Shirley MacLaine. Expect the unexpected.

John Hughes fans are spoiled for choice over at Netflix. Capote Bennett Miller, In , Truman Capote, on assignment for the New Yorker , would travel to rural Kansas to investigate the slaying of a farm family and the drifters responsible for the massacre. Philip Seymour Hoffman rightly bagged an Oscar for his performance in the title role. Director Kitty Green investigates by holding casting auditions in the Boulder community 20 years later. City of God remains a classic of urban decay.

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Everyone knows that. Alicia Silverstone was great as the archetypal valley girl — nosy but decent — in a film whose ripples are still spreading. It gave us Paul Rudd and the late Brittany Murphy, and spawned a sitcom and a lexicon. Beat that, Austen. The best possible Rocky comeback. A lengthy Mandarin wuxia that somehow scored at the box office and stormed the Oscars. Lee went on to confirm he is among the most versatile directors of his generation. Lavish, poetic movie — the first directed by a black woman to get a wide theatrical release — depicts the mocambo life of an enclave beyond slavery.

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The visual album liberally pays homage. Now a popular TV show. Days of Heaven Terence Malick, Remember when Malick was an enigma known for two, beautifully odd masterpieces? Sam Shepard, Brooke Adams and Richard Gere star in a gorgeous tragedy set in rural Texas during the early part of the last century.

Malick would then disappear for 20 years.

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  • The Descent Neil Marshall, Some of the best horror films have the simplest premises. A group of female cavers is hunted by flesh-eating troglodytes. Life was not so idyllic there as we are often led to believe. Drive Nicholas Winding Refn, After an awkward few years, Refn broke above ground when this automotive thriller took best director at the Cannes Film Festival. Ryan Gosling stars. Two years before the American civil war, Django Jamie Foxx decides to find his wife and singlehandedly dismantle slavery. Much like Inglourious Basterds , this is more delightful historical revisionism from Tarantino.

    The great man plays an idiot who, after many typical mishaps, falls under the protection of the titular boozed-up tutor. A cinematic encyclopaedia of Asian fighting styles. Eastern Promises David Cronenberg, Cronenberg eschews body horror for a sinister, elegantly contorted story of Russian gangsters in contemporaneous London. Viggo Mortensen is relentlessly worrying as a hood who may not be what he seems. Famous for a legendary fight in a bathhouse that will have male viewers nervously crossing legs. Eddie the Eagle Dexter Fletcher, No, really. Good support from such unlikely stars as Christopher Walken and Hugh Jackman.

    The spirit of Ealing lives.

    1. Frágeis Mulheres Fortes (Portuguese Edition);
    2. In Defense of the American Teen.
    3. Comida, Comida, ¿Qué Comemos? (Spanish Edition).
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    Escape from Alcatraz Don Siegel, A piece of cinematic history. Who better than Patrick McGoohan to play the warden?

    H. G. Wells

    Fargo Joel Coen, A heavily pregnant police chief Frances McDormand investigates a series of murders and a botched kidnapping plot in this influential black comedy. Fantastic Mr Fox Wes Anderson, George Clooney is the titular animal, who, years after retiring, gets back into the chicken-stealing business. His return to the fray arouses murderous intentions among local farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean. The Bagpuss -style animation could not be more charming. Award-winning comedy set in a rugby-mad school during the s, concerning the sometimes fraught friendship between a gay, sports-hating loner and a star jock.

    Under the tutelage of an inspirational English teacher Andrew Scott , these guarded youngsters slowly learn to be true to themselves. You read that trivia right. Kal Penn went on to become an adviser in the Obama White House. It proved to be one of the most effective exercises in pure cinema of the decade. Michael Fassbender is transcendent. Pegg and Nick Frost are small-time rural cops trapped in a sprawling Wicker Man conspiracy. Waititi puffs up the mythology of the place only to pop it like a balloon. Like this? Watch vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows from the same director.

    Blackly comic violence ensues. It Follows David Robert Mitchell, Fiendishly clever psychological horror about a sexually transmitted murderous ghost. Maika Monroe is superb as the Final Girl. If only they can stop stalking their exes online. The animation is spookily beautiful.

    Randy Newman delivers some great songs.

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    The live-action sequences are also charming. The academics and the critics disagree. They are also among the most beautiful animated films ever made. What we have essentially is a Chinese wuxia epic remodelled as an anthropomorphic comedy. Better ideas have delivered worse films. Though imperfect, La La Land is a beautifully poised tribute to among other things the playful flourishes of Jacques Demy. A pleasure. Is Jessica relapsing? Overlooked on release, this La Fanu-inspired intrigue is now rightly regarded as one of the great movie freak-outs.

    Let the Right One In Tomas Alfredson, Adapting a fine book by John Ajvide Lindqvist, Alfredson breaks new ground in the vampire genre with the story of a lonely boy falling for the young actually impossibly ancient girl next door. The film does not shy away from horror. But it is most memorable as a study of childhood insecurity. Creepily beautiful. The Lunchbox Ritesh Batra, Irrfan Khan can stake a claim to being among the very best actors in the world, but we rarely get to see him playing leads in these territories.

    Sweet, moving, believable. The director of the brilliantly innovative The Act of Killing revisits the Indonesian killing fields for a murder-mystery on a genocidal scale. Screwball comedy ensues. Try The Squid and the Whale by the same director. So much of the style is there. The use of popular music. The feeling for street talk. And, of course, De Niro as he should be best remembered.

    The Rosetta Stone for Scorsesians. The spin off from Despicable Me is the 13th highest grossing film of all time. The picture takes in all humanity from the Stone Age through the Napoleonic era up to the court of Queen Elizabeth. The best film ever about heating oil supply. The most utterly fabulous costumes for Chastain. Deserves to be better known. Mousehunt Gore Verbinski, Criminally underrated family caper in which warring brothers — Nathan Lane and Lee Evans — team up to renovate a house.

    But how will they get rid of the crafty rodent on the premises? Mudbound Dees Rees, Sprawling tale of interlocking characters — some white, some African-American — in the years after the second World War. You could argue that Network is prophetic. But the film failed to hit on the sheer banality that was to come.

    Brilliant all the same. A terrifying demonstration of how billionaires like Ayn Rand-admiring Peter Thiel and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson can silence and shut down journalism. Notes on Blindness Peter Middleton, James Spinney, In , after years of deteriorating vision, the writer and theologian John Hull lost the last traces of light sensation. For the next three years, he recorded more than 16 hours on audio cassette, recordings that form the spine of this achingly poignant film. When Netflix set the great Korean director loose on this ecological fable they promised no restrictions.

    It seems they were good to their word.

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    Was he addressing his own collaboration with the Communist witch hunts? Brando and Steiger are untouchable. He was, thus, well-placed to direct a film about an unlovely man defending unlovely material from even less lovely censorship. Woody Harrelson was terrific as the roguish anti-hero. Despite being a serial borrower, his obsessions and quirks have become an immovable part of cinema. Melanie Lageschulte. Linda Holmes. Beth Duke. Emilia Finn. The Unhoneymooners. Christina Lauren. Maria Luis. Nine Perfect Strangers.

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    Liane Moriarty. Bella Andre. Anne-Marie Meyer. Trophy Life. Lea Geller. Valencia and Valentine. Suzy Krause. The Friend Zone. Abby Jimenez. Meghan Quinn. Tracy Brogan. Maria Semple. Donna Alam. Ex's Best Friend. Aubrey Wright. Kevin Kwan. Melanie Summers. Life and Other Near-Death Experiences.

    How Could She: A Novel. Lauren Mechling. Lark Griffing. Tumble Dogwood Lane Book 1. Adriana Locke. Sophie Kinsella.

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    Cynthia St. Digging In: A Novel. Loretta Nyhan. The Strawberry Hearts Diner. Carolyn Brown. Jami Albright. Fix Her Up: A Novel. Tessa Bailey. Faleena Hopkins. The Last Anniversary. Buyer Beware Caldwell Brothers Book 1. Colleen Charles.