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For many seniors, drugs that were prescribed for good reasons may be a disadvantage to the person as they get older — especially if they are taking medications that interact with each other. Mollie and the CGNA board are working to ensure their members are aware of the issues and feel competent and confident to speak with the public, their patients and their colleagues in other specialty areas about the importance of looking at medications.

CGNA is also working on improving the resources they make available for nurses who want to certify in gerontological nursing.


Lessons learned about ageing and gerontological nursing in South Africa

Some of the improvements include building study groups, providing a list of mentors and revising their national practice standards. The current structure has worked well in the past, but there has been a decline in meeting attendance.

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CGNA is a federation of provincial and national associations and regular members, associates and students. Of the more than 3, CGNA members, over 1, are students.

Lessons learned about ageing and gerontological nursing in South Africa

CGNA also works with new nursing graduates, encouraging them to take an active role in the association so it can learn from and connect with the newest generation of nurses. Mollie understands that the association needs to move beyond the traditional ways of communication and education to keep members interested and involved.

For more information, please read their sponsorship and exhibiting prospectus. If you are interested in learning more about gerontological nursing, you can contact: Mollie.

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Like other nursing specialties, a profession in gerontological nursing requires an understanding of anatomical and physiological changes with aging, keen assessment and monitoring skills, vast knowledge about disease and conditions, and ongoing education related to recommended treatment options. Gerontology nursing is a broad specialty where nurses may work in long-term care facilities, with home healthcare services and in hospice, caring for patients with limited mobility, impaired mental abilities, and those in pain.

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These nurses care for medical or surgical patients and see patients through acute illness and help them manage chronic disease. Refer to the Guideline Summaries to learn need-to-know information from the latest recommendations such as prevention of falls in older adults to postoperative delirium in older adults.

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