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Many churches could benefit from asking how we might do the same.

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Do we take time during worship for parishioners -- and visitors -- to ask for the support they need, and for others to offer it? If such practices are not part of our worship, where can we make room for them? When needs are expressed during open prayer times, do members and clergy follow up? My tradition takes time for confession and absolution in almost every worship service, and time is always available for intercessions and thanksgivings to be offered out loud.

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Are we praying or simply repeating familiar phrases? What might happen if we left more space between the words to see what insights and nudges of the Spirit might bubble up into the silence? In some other traditions, worship leaders may pray extemporaneously and allow time for others to speak, even shout. Yet more often than not, every member of the congregation knows what is safe to say and what cannot be spoken aloud.

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In the season of Epiphany, we celebrate the Light in whose presence we see light. It starts with vulnerability and attentiveness. And together, we may see clearly enough to keep journeying. Liturgical Seasons , Feast Days , Reconciliation.

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If your year-old son is sneaking in the basement and you run down there to shine a light to see who it is, I doubt you want to point the loaded firearm at your kid. Also, your left thumb operates the pressure switch on the end of the flashlight. Once you have a solid grip on the light, bring your left hand underneath the gun and put your hands back to back.

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When you are doing this do not cross your hand in front of a loaded gun, make sure and bring the light underneath the pistol and not in front of it. Maintain pressure bringing both your wrists and the back of your hands together. The thumb and forefinger grasp the light and your other three fingers wrap around your shooting hand. The Ayoob flashlight technique was developed by Massad Ayoob, a well-known firearms instructor, and author of many books, including In the Gravest Extreme.

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