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The one where… the crew travel through a time hole and find themselves on Earth, where time is running backwards. The one where… The crew encounter the Polymorph, a genetically engineered space mutant that drains emotions from humans. The one where… the crew discover Legion, a life form conceived from an experiment by famous scientists.

Side Note: This episode contains the following which is my favorite Red Dwarf moment of all time. That's the objective of the game for Lister, you twonk! You get separated to begin with and basically it's a love story across time, space, death, and reality. You must have got the easy stuff, though! Here, what did you think of the Planet of the Nymphomaniacs? Oh, that's a riot! Some people spend years on that.

Which one was Rimmer? ANDY: Ohh, he's amazing, in't he?

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ANDY: How long did it take you to suss him out, then? ANDY: Really? You found the Captain's message right away?! Well, that's the clue, isn't it? Rimmer having a swimming certificate and not being able to swim! ANDY: It's a blatant clue, isn't it? ANDY: The truth to why he is such an insufferable pratt. The fact that he was never loved. ANDY: No, no, no. ANDY: No!

He had his memory erased and was programmed to behave like a complete twonk so no one would suspect he was on a mission to destroy Red Dwarf in order to guide Lister to his destiny as the creator of the second universe! ANDY: Yeah! You know the bit where Lister jump starts the second big bang with jump leads from Starbug?

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ANDY: Well, that's the final irony, isn't it? Lister, the ultimate atheist, turns out in fact to be God! It's all in the microdot. Hang on a minute! Are you For four years?! Wow, that's a classic that is! That's a classic! A new group of T. ANDY: All right, lads. Which one's Lister? One of the group raises his hand. ANDY: Right. Got the food bag, bio-feedback catheter. It's all there.

You can start plugging yourself in. Here, whatever you do don't mix the food line with the catheter, will you? I had some bloke that did that and didn't spot it for 2 days. Heh heh heh! OK, Kryten, in you go, son. OK, Cat, Rimmer To the original Dwarfers Hey, give us a bit of room here, will ya please chaps? We don't know who we are -- our memories haven't returned yet. I keep telling you. No wonder you only scored four percent. Gaw, what a bunch of twonks. The recuperation lounge. I'm not me, am I? This is going to take some getting used to. Perking up I'm not Rimmer!

CAT: Well, if we are not who we thought we were, who the hell are we?! Either we're running away from god-knows-what, or we have nothing worth living for in the first place. A nurse arrives. How do you know there is no one called Dwane Dibbley in here? It could be you. This is the Dibbley party. Which one's Dwane Dibbley? The camera focuses on CAT.

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CAT: No! No, no, please, no! I don't want to be Dwane Dibbley! Here are your party's clothes and possessions. The medical officer will be down in 20 minutes. How can I be called Dwane Dibbley? It's got your photograph, name, and address on it and everything. There's an anorak in here! White socks. Nylon shirt.

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Plastic sandals. Aertex vest. Oh, and a key to the Salvation Army hostel. Doesn't it just make total sense that this hapless creature would give his buck teeth to play someone like the the Cat in a computer game? A no-style gimbo, with teeth the druids could use as a place of worship?! Because, almost certainly, whoever I am, I'm not the kind of guy who's going to take any crap from whoever you are. Who am I? You're a detective! This is your badge. What's my name? Jake Bullet. I like that! That sounds like the kind of hard-living flat foot who gets the job done by cutting corners and bucking authority.

Bullet," perhaps the Cybernautics division is in charge of traffic control. You just happen to have a rather silly macho name. JAKE: Oh yes, that's a very good point, sir. I didn't think of that. Someone else look. JAKE: Stand aside! Let the law handle this. He grabs the next case. JAKE: Hmm No photograph. Name, "Billy Doyle. It's not necessarily me. Well, that's a name that came from the wrong side of the the tracks, isn't it?

You can see it all now: a youth spent in and out of corrective institutions. A string of illegitimate children. The wife will be all white shoes, no tights, and blotchy legs. Has to take up petty crime to cover the court orders for maintenance. Before he knows it he's standing in a bank with a sawn-off shotgun. Somehow it goes off. An old lady gets both barrels through a crocheted bobble hat. All he can do is hide.

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But where? And then it hits him -- with all his ill-gotten gains he can buy four years in a computer game and wait until the heat's off.

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You know, that sounds like a hell of a good name to me! Probably connected with the Boston Doyles. Old money, blue chip stock. You know, I think it's all starting to come back to me now. JAKE: No, it isn't. He gets up again and opens the last case. Look at my gear! This stuff's really, really expensive! JAKE: Who are you? What do you do? I've got a limo in the long-term car park.

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Willy, meet your brother, Sebastian. JAKE: Well, half brothers. To resolve this read: get their power back , they agree to run for a general election. Rimmer and Kryten, recently at odds, run against each other… and everything descends into a smear campaign. It was a rather simple question, but one that bore asking and bears repeating as we settle into Why did this man, pictured here…. Hey, we were warned! Simple enough, right? Thus, the crew are incompetent, dress like performance artists, and are smug morons.

Besides, for the most part, the episodes have been funny, our characters have been relatable in contrast to VIII , the drama and comedy are mixed appropriately contrast to VII , and the story construction has largely remained good. Unfortunately, the further you go, the higher your chance of slipping up and misfiring. How bad is it? The beautiful irony here, in an episode that I consider a disaster on as many levels as possible? Any parts of the review that might give off a sense of insensitivity are completely unintentional.

I reject extremism in all forms, there are issues in our society that need to be questioned and fixed, etc. That said…. Rimmer is the second lowest-ranked technician, being revived solely because of the number of conversations between him and Lister. And last but not least, Kryten is the only non-humanoid of the quartet.

In effect, he is a minority on board the ship. Now, this is where reviewing Red Dwarf gets interesting.

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Indeed, the two debuts are vaguely similar — using a science fiction trope, mixing the presence of America inside of it, and combining that with a bit of social commentary.