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To understand the psyche, psychology suggests the analysis of the relationships with parents and among them as one of the fundamental tools. Thus, a Jungian understanding of the parents-children relations from the wealth of images present on the myth of Medea and their manifestation as PAS, can allow the expansion of knowledge about the psychic development and functioning. The understanding of the processes of the human soul can be a tool for promoting a better adaptation to life family, profession and society and the requirements of the inner life.

In Jungian perspective, one can understand that the myth of Medea symbolizes the nuclear complex of neurosis that manifests itself in the PAS. The illustration of this neurotic condition through the myth of Medea leads to reflection on how feelings of love, hatred, rage and revenge, resulting from a separation, can dominate the psyche and lead to destructive behaviors. Both mother and father when dominated by personal archetypal force of Medea, act in a destructive manner in relation to children and the spouse disposed of. The attitudes of Medea, when feeling betrayed and abandoned, are very much current in disposals and has led children to parental neurotic disorders early, with serious commitment in the development of their personalities.

According to Jung, , the condition of consciousness of the child and the development of his personality are influenced directly by the archetypal form of their parents, the archetypal couple, as well as the experiences with the father and the mother. To Jung, the unconscious identification condition and the lack of psychic differentiation makes the construction of individuality impossible. For him, the child lives in mystical participation 2 with the psyche of those who they live with, and their psyche is mixed to the environment in which they live.

Thus, what happens in their environment is felt as their own. When differentiating between the parents and the child is prevented or interrupted, you can install psychological disorders in children. As for the father, in psychology, its function was greatly exploited, reflections on the question of the authority of law and order. Freud emphasized the importance of the relationship with the father in his analysis of the myth of Oedipus, for example.

The analysis of the paternal function present in the myth of Medea is out the scope of this study. Thus, in parental alienation, one can understand the personal alienator mother or personal alienator father as the archetype of Medea. Under these conditions, the personality that exists in child germ, cease their natural development and gives rise to a false personality, an imitation of the adult, unnatural and early.

Conflicting marital separation and parental alienation unbalance the affectivity of the child Dolto, The dismantling of the archetypical pair that occurs on parental alienation leads to child having distorted impressions of reality and work with a dissociative psyche that deifies alienator and demonizes the alienated one. In the myth, Medea is alienator when it keeps the children of living with the father, by means of death. According to Gardner, , in the vast majority of cases of parental alienation, the spouse alienator is the mother, while the father also practices acts of alienation.

In an analysis of female feelings evoked from a separation, to Levy and Gomes, , the loss of the loved one is equivalent to the loss of parts of herself. The sense of loss of a piece of his own psyche, or soul, it would be, for Jung, one of the origins of the so-called complex. These authors consider that the rupture of a romantic relationship hurt the omnipotent child narcissism and causes to be loved and lover is more valuable than being a mother or father.

In Jungian understanding, when the marital separation occurs in a manner conflicting, can turn into a complex individual with the mythological content of Medea, surrounded by content from personal experiences. The activated complex in separating conflicting situation involves a person in emotional blindness and she ignores the psychological damage it causes in children. In that sense, he believes that the complex has a value that can overcome the conscious intentions. But, possessed by the complex, she is not able to avoid the filicide.

In parental alienation, the attitudes of the alienator parent strike against serious children like psychic attacks the dagger of Medea, even if her conscious intention is to protect them. In the myth, the kids expect to be protected by his mother, who ends up killing them. In parental alienation, the child has hope of being helped by the parents, in the face of sustained process of separation, however, is annihilated in their individuality, forced to become a false adult, an extension of the unconscious of the alienator, in an expression of the need to help not perceived consciously by one that is dominated by the complex.

In this environment, the child has no defenses and get sick. When fold and denigrates the figure of the other parent, prevents or hinders the contact of children with him and instills in children feelings of anger and fear, the alienator denies the children the right to arbitration, the assessment of the feelings and thoughts and to autonomy. Thereby, denying recognition and respect for the identity of the child, turning it into a piece of a perverse game of personal revenge. Both in myth and in cases of parental alienation, note the fact that the children are delivered and helpless against a powerful enemy that threatens constantly: the parent or mother, the one who granted life and who the child depends on to survive and develop.

Nowhere to run from mom? As the child has of course the need to continue to love both parents, oppose this nature distorts your psychic balance and nullifies an important part of their psychological constitution. Dolto, De Fruyt and De Clercq, showed that personality disorders can originate in childhood due to some precipitating factors, for example, exposure to parental alienation.

In this sense, it can be said that, on conflict and divorce parental alienation, the child lives the parental conflicts and suffering as if the problems were her own. In this sense, when Gardner, describes what he called the phenomenon of independent thinker, is evident the mystical participation between the child and the alienator parent.

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The psychic atmosphere of alienator, full of anger and grief, slowly penetrates into the soul of the child, as a poisonous vapor. In the myth narrated by Euripides, in one try to truly protect children from danger of death that they run. Save these children from the crime? In parental alienation, also the professionals and family members involved in the divorce of the couple have difficulty identifying the situation of abuse and protect children from sale.

A little careful observer tends to leave yourself over the manipulative strategies of alienator and obstinate behavior of the child. There seems to be a belief about the maternal competence consolidated social for the care of children, probably based on mythologizing of the mother, which makes the mother-child relationship impenetrable and inviolable.

This belief makes it difficult especially the perceived destructive potential that the mother can represent for the child in cases of parental alienation. It is common to the assignment to the children of the responsibility for the separation of the couple and they are induced to perform the task of destroying any new relationships of the former spouse. According to Von Franz, , is common in the family that a child, with an ego yet vulnerable, take on the role of doing evil that others would like to do. She succumbs to suggestions and dark aspects of the other. In parental alienation, the child acts anger, resentment and revenge of the alienator against the alienated parent.

The alienator often acts with the intention to exercise control over the child and also on the former spouse. Being the child of a statement that was love and what now is betrayal and abandonment, projects on child aggressive and vengeful feelings. Nothing is more powerful to make a child become a stranger to herself than the efforts made by the mother to embody and carry out the child, without taking into consideration once the son is not simply an extension of the mother, but really a new and individual Jung, , p.

Note that this assertion of Jung meets than Wallerstein and Kelly, and Jacobs, described in his work on Medea syndrome, in which the alienator uses the child as an extension of himself, without recognizing it as different. The perpetuation of the alienated parent clearance and the belief that he was and is a great villain, symbol of all evil and suffering, it spreads to other relationships of the child, insofar as it develops.

That way, she can pass to reject not only the alienated parent, but all and all who keep any similarities with him. The aggression and the psychological abuse that parental alienation represents the child leave indelible marks on your psyche and generate psychological sequelae that may contribute to the perpetuation of neurotic relationships, led by consolidated complexes and not remotely prepared. The myth of Medea can be seen as an expression of an archetype, which determines the characteristic course of behavior that stems from a contentious marital separation of a couple with children.

This myth features the functioning of the psyche and, when translated into the language of the present, is manifested in many aspects of PAS. In this way, become aware of the archetypes, complexes, feelings, thoughts and behaviors that can occur in a situation of marital separation helps spouses and other adults acting consciously and thus reduce the psychic damage that parental alienation causes to children. This work is not intended to explore deeply the emotional aspects of the parents who practice the alienation, but present evidence of the influence of the archetypal manifestation of Medea on the psyche of children and their development.

If parents realize their unconscious content, their complexes and their destructive behaviors galaxies to the psyche of children and work to elaborate them, probably the child psyche would be better protected and preserved. However, when parents are dominated by complex, it is very difficult for the child psychotherapist convince them they need psychotherapy, monitoring the health of the child.

Often, what happens is the search of the parents by the child Psychotherapy in order to conquer the psychotherapist as an ally to the alienation. The shapes of the emotional issues of the father and the mother involved in a conflictual separation relate to the context of psychotherapy, to the extent that this modality of psychotherapy has as one of its objectives to help the couple becoming aware the unconscious contents and elaborate them in conjugality, or the context of the individual adult psychotherapy When she leads to awareness and integration of dark unconscious aspects designed in partner, for example.

Emphasizes that, in the context of this work, it is important to the understanding of psychic processes mainly occurring and act in the psyche of the child victim of parental alienation. The literature in the field of child Psychotherapy is still small and the ways to deal with the consequences of parental alienation on children are not yet well described.

It is suggested that reflections on the subject, as well as investigations and surveys are conducted in order to develop efficient and effective strategies of protection and care with the psychic development of the child. The disclosure of impacts on child psyche of attitudes to parental alienation is an important step on the path to prevention of parental alienation. Baker, A. The long-term effects of parental alienation on adult children: a qualitative research study. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 33 4 , Ben-Ami, N. The long-term correlates of childhood exposure to parental alienation on adult self-sufficiency and well-being.

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European Psychiatry, 27, 1. Turkat, I. False allegations of parental alienation. American Journal of Family Law, 19 1 , Von Franz, M.

SAP. Síndrome de Alienación Parental (Sociedad actual) por José Manuel Cuenca Aguilar

A sombra e o mal nos contos de fada. Wallerstein, J. Surviving the breakup: how children and parents cope with divorce. Jung, stated that the first mystical participation happens in relation to the parents: for example, when the child identifies with his father and acting like him, and also the father designs your dreams, frustrations and desires in the son, in a process that receiving feedback. Services on Demand Journal. Abstract The Parental Alienation Syndrome PAS refers to a set of symptoms manifested by the child during and after the process of parents divorcing.

Introduction The legendary stories about gods and their influence on human life are commonly called myths. The children of Medea The summarized myth 1 On the tragedy by Euripides b. After the filicide, in dialog with Jason, Medea justifies her killing behavior, rendering Jason guilty, and repeats the intention to make him suffer: Jason: Oh children, that wicked mother has given you fortune!

Children, do you hear the way your father is treating you?


You see, this is it. Dear children, your mother has stirred up her heart, she has stirred up her rage. Go in. Hurry up! Medea O children, accursed, may you die-with your father! Your mother is hateful. Go to hell, the whole household! I will kill the children - my children. No one on this earth can save them. I will have the nerve for this unholy deed.

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But nobody can force you to make that choice. Or angry. Or sad. Or whatever. You have the right to be in a safe environment. This means that nobody is allowed to put you in danger, either physically or emotionally. If one of your parents is hurting you, tell someone — either your other parent or a trusted adult like a teacher.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are still part of your life. You have the right to be a child. Concentrate on your school work, your friends, activities, etc. Your mom and dad just need your love. They can handle the rest. All rights reserved.